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"Over the past three decades I have had a lot of custom woodworking done.  No one has ever equaled or approached the quality of Monte's Woodshop.  Monte's Woodshop joints, finish and wood selection are unmatched or unrivaled by anyone

Bill Janklow

To those shopping for wood,

If the boys at the woodshop make getting wood hard, it is by design. They can't have just anyone walking around with quality hardwood. What do you think this is? Vegas!

Neighbors Who Notice  (Darrell VanderEsch)

The Pizza Ranch of Brandon has used Monte's Woodshop for a variety of signage and gift orders since 1998. They are detailed, prompt and a joy to work with. My only concern is when they come eat our buffet. They stay too long, eat too much! In all seriousness, they are one of the best companies we have worked with over the last nineteen years.


Darrell Vander Esch Pizza Ranch of Brandon

Dear Monte,

It never seems to fail that the work we bring to you deserves a bit of "head scratching" whether it be a part to an organ to be engraved, a piece of furniture to be personalized or plaque of recognition.  We appreciate your keen eye and artistic approach in solving "our" problems.  You have always been timely in production and sensitive to our scheduling. 

Thanks for the great service!


John Nordlie
J.F. Nordlie Company - Organ Builders

“Monte and his crew have the ability to provide a unique product which allows me to custom tailor every order to achieve positive results.  My clients love the gifts Monte’s Woodshop creates for them.  Thanks for all your help Monte.”

Tim Allex

We have been doing business with Monte Albertson for over 15 years.  He has done laser engraving on leather, built wood frames and created beautiful pieces of furniture for our home.  Monte always gives 110%, no matter what size of order.  As a matter of fact, when we left South Dakota two years ago, we thought we would easily find someone locally here in Colorado to do our lasering and wood frames.  We were wrong and have found it well worth our while to order from Monte and have the work shipped to us.  Our customers demand the best from start to finish and Monte's work fills that need.

Sincerely, Sandy Meyer Classic Leather Designs

Thanks for always having impeccable service.  You make it very easy for me to customize gifts for my clients so that I can show them how much I appreciate their business.  Everyone that has ever received a gift from Monte’s Wood Shop has been very complimentary.  Thanks for being a part of “my team”.

Kory Davis

We have been extremely satisfied with the quality and quickness of our orders from Monte's Woodshop. Too bad more companies don't treat all their customers like their friends!! 

Rick Olauson, treasurer, South Dakota Highway Patrol Association. 

My family heritage is very important to me.  I inherited a wooden table and four chairs from my great Aunt. It was approximately 75 - 100 years old so preserving it and restoring it to it's natural lusture was important to me. It was a beautiful table but in sad need of a new finish along with the chairs needing to be re-glued. I called my friend Monte and asked if he could help me. He said he could. I brought the chairs to him first. Al, Monte's #1 employee was extremely helpful in suggesting a stain color that would enhance the wood but keep the antique look. I left the chairs in his capable hands. A few weeks later when Monte phoned to tell me they were done, I was excited but a bit anxious. Boy was I totally blown away when I saw them. They were beautiful!! So the next thing was to bring them the table. I was equally blown away with how it turned out. My sisters came by to see it after I brought it home. They were very envious that I had an antique from our great Aunt and that it was beautiful beyond their dreams. Monte and his crew refurbished a part of my heritage and gave me a beautiful piece of furniture I can pass down to my son. Thanks Monte and Al!! 

You are my hero's!!

Jean Healy